How Does Digital Cardvisit Work?

How Does Digital Carvisit Sticker Work?
Using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, Digital Cardvisit can communicate with phones held close to it. When you touch the phone, Digital Cardvisit sends a notification that opens your Digital Cardvisit profile with all the information you choose to share!
Will it work on my phone?
Only phones that support NFC reading can be connected with Digital Cardvisit. Click here for more information on supported devices.
How Do I Activate My Digital Cardvisit?
Bring your Digital Card near the top of your phone to create your Digital Business Card. If done correctly, a notification with the link "" will pop up.
When you see the notification, follow the link and you will be taken to the Digital Business Card creation page.
Enter the required information to create your Digital Business Card. This information can usually include information such as your name, title, contact information (phone number, email address, website, etc.) and your company name.
After entering your information, preview your Digital Business Card profile and make adjustments as needed.
After completing your profile, save or publish your Digital Business Card by selecting an option such as save or publish.
If you already have a Digital Business Card profile, you can follow these steps:
• Sign in to your Digital Business Card profile.
• Bring your Digital Card closer to the top of your phone.
• Follow the notification and you will be redirected to the activation page.
• On the Activation page you usually choose an option like "Activate" or "Confirm".
You can successfully create or activate your Digital Business Card by following these steps.

My Digital Cardvisit Profile

How Many Links Can I Add?
You can add as many as you want! You can add unlimited links to your profile and have multiple links of the same type. For example, you can create a profile with two or more Instagram account links.
Can I Change the Color of My Profile?
Of course! You can add color to your profile with 3 different profile options.


How is Shipping Provided?
• Orders placed before 12:00 will be shipped the same day.
• Delivery is provided within a maximum of 3-5 days.
• There is an option to pay at the door.
• 14 days return guarantee!